I Current work in Baha'i philosophy.
II Source code of a program for translating English words to Glosa and vice-versa, using the Icon programming language on a Linux operating system, Debian.
Instructions are simple because they are only three: the -e option translates from English to Glosa, entering a q quits the program, and a hyphen ( - ) at the end of an entry returns all words which begin with the first part of the entry. The dictionaries should be in the home directory, or else cd to where they are before using the program.
III Location of the ( Oct. 28, 2005 ) dictionaries ( engl.txt and glen.txt ) at glosa.org.
IV Source code and Windows executable program of a more complicated program that uses the same technology as above but translates entire web pages into Glosa. The same source can be used to compile under Linux, see the link below for the necessary software. Without any arguments it enters a command-line dictionary and can translate everything that is put on the line, and will try to find the nearest equivalent of words not found. Given an html page as a first argument, it will translate all its text into Glosa. Needless to say, you will have to revise your newly translated web page before publishing. There is only one other option, +?, which if passed alone or before the html page name, causes the program to write a "!" at the beginning of words when they were not found in the dictionary, or a "?" when a close approximation has been found. A q ends the command-line dictionary mode.
V This file contains all the words recognized by the program and their definitions. The program was last updated on May 27, 2007.
VI The Icon website, which contains Icon executables for running Icon programs on several different operating systems. The Icon interpreter is available in Debian packages icont and iconx, and there is a not yet fully functional translator to C, iconc.
VII If you like the format of pages translated by the Glosa translator, you can put your ordinary pages into the same format with this program. To see a sample, you can check the source of any of the pages on this site (including this one).